No. 46 – #WorkThatWorks

Have you been wondering why things have been very quiet on my blog recently? Well, for those of you who don’t know, I’ve been super busy learning lots of social media theory, getting to grips with analytics and scheduling and enhancing my blogging skills by training with Digital Mums. Fingers crossed, I’m just days away... Continue Reading →


No. 44 – Sheffield Futures #nomineat Challenge

Sheffield Futures are a charity based in the city, supporting young people, aged 16-25 to: live healthy lifestyles, look after themselves, develop skills needed in a successful adulthood, make a positive contribution to their community, and overcome disadvantage and reach their full potential. In other words, they are pretty awesome! When I heard about their... Continue Reading →

No. 43 – New Year’s whatevers

Sorry, but it’s time for yet another New Year’s post! Hope you've not got January fatigue already? I’ve been struggling for a while to think of what to call this blog. I’ve never been a fan of ‘New Year’s resolutions’, because they just seem doomed to failure with their grand and showy statements, and all... Continue Reading →

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