No. 33 – Summer adventuring

When you scroll through your camera roll from over the summer, what are the overriding images that stand out? Family snaps in the sunshine? Sandcastles and fish and chips on the seafront? Ice cold drinks in pub beer gardens with the kids running around in the background? I’ve got loads of those pictures too – love the summer time! But my most favourite pictures from the summer are of my partner and I, and our 3 boys, a bit sweaty and windswept, grinning at the top of a massive hill!


You know when you ‘um’ and ‘ah’ about buying something, because you aren’t sure you’ll definitely use it, and it might be a waste of money. But then you decide to buy it, and it completely revolutionises your life, and you wonder what you ever did before you had it? Or does that only happen to me?

Well for us, that’s the Little Life Adventurer toddler carrier. Seriously! We dithered for ages before we bought it earlier this year, and have then used it every single weekend for the past few months. It completely made our summer and enabled us to create so many memories that without it we wouldn’t have – it’s like part of the family now!

As a family, we like to stay active as much as possible, and having 3 boys we need to get out to allow them to burn off their endless energy. Living in Sheffield, the Peak District is on our doorstep, so it’s the perfect location for getting out of the city, breathing in lungs full of fresh air, and exploring to our hearts content. We pack up a few sandwiches, strap the toddler into his carrier, and off we all go.


The toddler loves it in the carrier – he’s high enough to be able to spot sheep in the fields and keep an eye on his brothers’ antics, and he’s obsessed with the little bee on the soft pad that his face can rest on. And it’s super comfy to wear too – its fully adjustable, meaning that both my partner and I can use it, as the carrier adjusts to all heights. The hip strap pivots as you walk, moving in tune with your body, however high you are climbing.

Some of our favourite weekend adventures this summer have been climbing Kinder Scout and making up stories of which creatures have roamed in the peat bogs at the top, playing hide and seek on the huge stones at Higger Tor, the tricky scramble up from Wildboarclough to the summit of Shuttlingsloe, and walking around the grounds at Chatsworth spotting the deer herd in the distance.


We went on holiday to the French Alps in July, where we did some pretty impressive adventuring. Our longest walk was 10 miles, over the course of about 6 hours, including chair lifts and cable cars up high into the Alps with a view of Mont Blanc. The scenery was staggeringly beautiful. We also had a memorable climb up Sur Cou on the last day of our holiday, en route to Geneva airport. Mid thunderstorm, and blowing a gale, it was scary but exhilarating at the same time. We all had a truly incredible holiday and are already planning our next visit!

Our most epic of all adventures this summer was climbing Snowdon. My partner had been reading up about it for ages, but we were unsure whether our 4 year old would manage the climb. On a whim, we booked two nights at the Youth Hostel at the base of Snowdon, so now we had to do it!

The day we arrived in Wales was fine, even sunny in parts – perfect late August weather. The next day was a little gloomy but the forecast wasn’t too bad, so we set off from the hostel at 8.15am, having been up since 5am with the kids! About 40 minutes into the climb it started to spit a little, then the spit turned into rain, then the rain turned into a downpour, which didn’t stop until well after we’d reached the top, in a total of 2 hours and 45 minutes.

We were all shattered, especially the kids, but the toddler was safe and dry in his carrier, even managing a snooze on both the climb, and the descent. The pasties and hot chocolate from the café at the summit were like food from the Gods! After we’d dried out a little, we set off back down and luckily the sun came out, enabling us to take in the views and soak up what we’d just done – what an achievement, especially by the boys. We were even talking about our next adventure on the way down…

Little Life kindly sent us a Spiderman suitcase to try out on one of our next adventures. My boys are superhero obsessed, so they think that this is literally the coolest thing ever! The suitcase is designed to give kids some independence when travelling, as its big enough to hold all their essential stuff that they can’t be without, but is easy for them to pull along, with smooth rolling wheels. The design is bright and eye catching, meaning its easy to keep track of your little one in the airport check in queue.


My older two are too big for their ride on suitcases now, so this is the perfect next stage case for them. The retractable handle extends to two heights, meaning the case grows with your kids, and its equally as comfortable to be pulled by adults.

The suitcase has a generous 20 litre capacity (plenty big enough for my 4 year old’s clothes for a week’s holiday), yet meets airline hand luggage guidelines, making it the perfect travelling companion for families. Another great feature is the separate zipped mesh pocket inside for all those little bits and bobs that result in holiday meltdowns if they get lost; Lego, fidget spinners, football trading cards, comforters for younger ones, or whatever your kids are into.


I’m loving that the kids now have their own bag, so they can ferret around it in to their hearts content, without messing up my stuff! Win, win. Thanks Little Life!

And what’s more, this case is currently on promotion at 50% off – reduced from £59.99 to £29.99. Grab one while you can here, with free delivery too. Here’s to lots more memories being made!

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