No. 45 – The next generation travel cot!

Travel cots are something of a metaphor for those first few weeks after your baby is born, aren’t they? Everything’s a bit heavy and cumbersome, you can’t quite remember how to put things together any more, you are pretty uncomfortable, and soon wonder whether this was really a good idea in the first place.

Or is that just me?

Well, think again, because the next generation travel cot is here! Little Life gifted us an Arc 2 Travel Cot to road test, and wow, things have certainly moved on in the world of baby accessories recently.

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The Arc 2 Travel Cot packs away into a 2.5kg, easy to carry rucksack, which is so light that my 4 year old likes to carry it around the house on his back playing ‘going camping’. The cot can be put up in moments, with it’s colour-coded poles, that even I could manage to figure out easily enough, and the comfortable foam mattress and fitted sheet make it snug enough for babies and young children to sleep well in all night long.

So far, so good, but where the Arc 2 really stands out for me is the extra features. The zip away sides and top are made from light grey mesh, meaning your child feels safe inside as they can see out easily. Many a time we’ve used an old fashioned style travel cot, with dark mesh sides, and as we’ve lowered the child into the cot, they’ve understandably been terrified! The mesh panels are ventilating and breathable, and also anti insect, for naps outside in the summertime, a family holiday trekking in the jungle (one day!), or just for pushing your face against to amuse your parents!


The travel cot is supplied with ground pegs, meaning it’s perfect to use outside, for naps, on camping trips, or just as a playpen, and there are safety toggles attached so zips stay where you want them to, and not where little fingers try to move them to. And it looks really cool too – think mini wildlife adventurer with inbuilt mosquito net and you are half way there!

My boys have loved playing in the travel cot over the Christmas holidays, turning it into a den, a car garage, or a shop, and for the moment it is permanently set up in our dining room, because it is the only place that the toddler will happily play on his own for a few precious moments, hallelujah!


As well as an awesome play den, we actually used the cot for its intended purpose over Christmas too, when our eldest hosted a sleepover in his room for his younger brothers. The toddler found it all hilarious, but soon settled to sleep in the cot, and slept soundly until his older brother woke him going to the toilet in the night – the joys!


We’ve got lots of family adventures planned for this spring and summertime, mountains to climb (with the toddler strapped into our Little Life Adventurer), countryside to explore, sights to see, and people to visit, and the Arc 2 will be the first thing we pack – it gets the Dippyeggplease family seal of approval. Thanks Little Life!

FYI – the Little Life Adventurer is the bees knees of toddler carriers – read my review of it here!


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