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9 out of 10 times, when I ask the kids what they want for tea, they say “dippy egg, please”, hence this blog was born – the vaguely food related thoughts, adventures and experiences of a Sheffield based, sleep deprived mum of 3 veggie boys (10, 5 and 2).

I have a Diploma in Nutrition with a special interest in children’s nutrition, but putting theory into practice isn’t always easy when you are tired from feeding the baby all night, your 5 year old is demanding Coco Pops for dinner, and your 10 year old vegetarian son has decided he has an aversion to most vegetables.

Follow me as I muddle through this Mum thing, winging it on the parenting front, and trying to fill 3 hungry tummies with as much good stuff as I can, at least on Mondays. By the time Friday rolls around there’s a strong chance it’ll be potato waffles and baked beans, and a very large glass of red wine for me, let’s keep it real!

As well as being a Mum of 3 boys, I am also a freelance writer and social media manager. My blog posts have been regularly published in ‘The Great and the Good’ features section on the Selfish Mother blogzine, generating hundreds of likes and comments each time. I also write regularly for The Motherload blogzine, and the US based Your Milk Shoppe parenting blogzine, and have been published in the Big Issue North, and other local publications.

For a portfolio of my work, visit SheffGives on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or read my blog.




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  1. Hi

    I love the sound of your recipes. My family and I are vegetarians but eat fish. I have a husband a 4 year old girl and a 16 month old girl. I would love to cook your meals for my family, I feel like the cooking I do is not my strongest point!! But how do you find the time?? When do you prepare and cook the meals? I feel like I just can’t find time in the day (16 month old is a crap napper and this would be my only chance I think). After kids bedtime I’m so tired and there’s always loads of clearing up to do. I’d love to hear how you fit it in!


    1. Hi Helen! It’s a real struggle! I work from home so try to squeeze cooking inbetween calls and writing but never really works out that way, so end up working most evenings. My youngest only naps for 40 mins now….aaarrrggghhh! I dread the day that naps are no more xx


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