No. 16 – Travel and food

*(As published in the Spring edition of Link Magazine, April 2017)* There's something about being on holiday that seems to open up kids' minds around trying new foods isn't there? It's like their palates mature instantly once they are checked in to their holiday destination.  Things that are rejected at home (eughh, vegetables, shellfish!) seem... Continue Reading →


No. 13 – Cauliflower

If you were to survey 100 people and ask what their favourite vegetable is, I’m guessing hardly anyone would answer ‘cauliflower’. It’s not top of my list either to be honest. Overcooked school dinners have given the cauliflower a bad reputation – bland, watery, wishy washy, greyish soggy pulp. Yuk! But, in some foodie circles,... Continue Reading →

No. 12 – Food packaging

Time for a rant. It’s been a while! And bear with me, cos this is a long one. Food packaging. More specifically, misleading food packaging. Food packaging that purports to be containing a healthy food choice, and gives consumers the impression that they have made a nutritionally sound choice, when in fact the packaging is... Continue Reading →

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