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You know what it’s like at this time of year if you’ve got kids; sports days, nursery parties, taster days for school, playdates galore, holidays to prepare for. It’s a crazy, busy, fun time, so any mum hacks that help with feeding the kids some tasty, nutritionally balanced food are always welcome round my way! That’s why I love the new range of childhood classics from Little Dish, proper food for kids which has been reinvented for toddlers (and bigger kids too!). There are no hidden nasties in their range, and the products are all low in salt and have no added sugar, but plenty of taste and extra vegetables are squeezed in to make kids and parents happy.

I’m a Mum of 3 hungry boy tummies, aged 9, 4 and 1, and am passionate about feeding them healthy food. The majority of our meals are made completely from scratch and I normally shy away from pre-packaged products aimed at children. At certain times of the year, such as the summer, keeping up with my Mum-chef duties is more of a challenge than usual. The Little Dish Classics range is the perfect helping hand on busy family days.


The childhood classics range from Little Dish – ready for the dippyeggplease taste test

Like when you’ve just got in from the school and nursery run with the pushchair laden down with book bags, PE kits and various craft projects (and the baby of course), and you’ve got to get 3 kids fed and back out of the door in 30 minutes flat for the eldest’s swim training.  Got to be something quick, nourishing and fuss free, that they’ll eat without argument, but will sustain them for the next couple of hours.

Presenting ‘Baked eggs and beans’ – the perfect kids teatime treat which ticks all of my ‘mum in a rush’ boxes, this is on the table in 15 minutes flat, and what kid doesn’t love dipping into egg and beans with crunchy wholemeal toast soldiers? Little Dish baked beans have tomato, carrot, onion and cauliflower in the sauce, so score major parent points, and my kids declared them ‘delicious’.


Another favourite from the range was the classic macaroni cheese – soft pasta, with a generous amount of creamy, cheesy sauce, sweetened a little from the vegetables (carrot, cauliflower and butternut squash are blended into the sauce), the baby loved this served with a veggie sausage and some asparagus spears for a perfectly balanced lunch.


If your kids prefer a tomato pasta sauce, Little Dish has got you covered too. Their classic tomato pasta sauce provides 1 of your kids’ 5 a day, and has carrots, peppers and onions along with the tomatoes. I love how Little Dish sauces come in single serving sizes, so if your kitchen often runs more like a café, with children popping in and needing feeding at random times, then it’s easy to grab some sauce from the cupboard and know that its ready to go, and is just the right amount for a small hungry tummy.

But there’s nothing that says, ‘proper food’, to me more than a curry. Most shop bought sauces have too much sugar and salt in for children, so the Little Dish mild korma cooking sauce is a great store cupboard essential for busy parents. After a full on day at nursery, my 4 year old was moaning that he was ‘starving’, so I whipped up a veggie curry using the sauce, adding peppers, peas and some veggie protein chunks. The sauce was crammed full of fruit, vegetables and spices, and made a tasty and tempting dinner, served with wholegrain brown rice and extra mango chunks on the side. So good!


Taste testing the new range of childhood classics from Little Dish has been lots of fun for the whole family! We’ve discovered new products that match up to my ‘home cooked’ standard (no hidden nasties,  no artificial colours or preservatives, low salt and no added sugar), which also appeal to the kids as they are familiar, tasty and comforting to eat. I’ll definitely be stocking my cupboards with their classics range so when it’s one of those crazy busy days again, I know I can prepare a nutritious and balanced meal in a few minutes and fill those hungry tummies with ‘proper food for kids’.

Thanks Little Dish!

Little Dish Classics are available in the baby aisle of Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Boots and Morrisons from July 2017.

I received no payment for this product review, and the opinions expressed are entirely my own. I did, however, receive samples of the products to taste test from the company.

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